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Online LSS Certifications Through Quality Concepts

Quality Concepts provides Green Belt and Black Belt levels of certification- See below for requirements

Lean Six Sigma Certification: Features

Quality Concepts Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Good for 49.5 PDUs toward your Project Management education for certification with PMI

  • The training for this certification uses the IASSC certified Green belt courses with some expanded material to help fill the gaps between IASSC and ASQ.  Upon payment of $350.00 USD per person, Quality Concepts will send a Training Signup Link to you. The link will guide you to help you set up your certification training account with QC, or if you already have an account with QC we will activate your license and assign the Green Belt Curriculum. You will receive a Green Belt Certification from Quality Concepts once you complete the training and pass all quizzes at 100% and pass all Exams at 80% or higher, and your Green belt project affidavit has been reviewed and accepted. The Certification fee is non-refundable. (This training is 101 hours of estimated study time, Self Paced and repeatable, with 3 months to fully complete before the training account will be deactivated, with requests to extend costing a reduced $50). Obtaining this certification does not guarantee you will pass an IASSC or ASQ certification.  Please reach out to us for individual coaching if you are having a hard time completing your certification.

GB Certification Curiculum 

  • Project Management Basics

  • Team Leadership

    • Distinguish between business groups and teams

    • Identify the roles and responsibilities of team members

    • Plan team-building and oversee team goal setting

    • Track performance, accountability, and time management

    • Supervise team meetings, negotiations, and decision making

    • Apply problem-solving techniques to resolve conflicts and team dysfunction

  • Lean Six Sigma Principles-Green Belt 

    • Understand the requirements and application process for Lean Six Sigma certification with an internationally recognized accreditation body, IASSC.

    • Identify Lean Six Sigma principles and how the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies complement each other.

    • Learn the roles, phases, and deliverables of a Lean Six Sigma project and your responsibilities as a Green Belt project leader.

    • Master the Lean Six Sigma fundamentals, including Critical to Quality (CTQ), variation, and process management, as well as more advanced techniques such as hypothesis testing and statistical process control.

    • Build competency in all 5 Phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC).

  • Statistical Process Control

    • Understand statistical control principles such as variation and non-normal variation

    • Learn how to create control charts in Excel with the Data Analysis add-in

    • Learn how to use Minitab to calculate descriptive statistics for a data set

    • Identify the difference between special cause variation and common cause variation

    • Understand the principle of process capability and how to calculate it for variable and attribute data

    • Learn the strategy behind using control charts, and their limits

  • Measurement Systems Analysis​

    • Understand the concept of a data measurement system and data measurement error​

    • Learn the key attributes of an effective data measurement system

    • Master the Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) technique to understand the typical variation that exists in your measurement system

    • Perform Variable Data and Attribute Data Gage R&R calculations using Excel and Minitab

  • Hypothesis Testing​

  • Design of Experiments

  • Review of submitted GB project affidavit ​

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